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Steinel Digital Control Solution    
The Digital Control Solution room controller integrates load control with occupancy sensors, photo sensors, switches, DALI2 luminaires and other devices to provide simple code compliant solutions for lighting, plug load and HVAC integration through BACnet. It is a powerful, flexible, scalable, easy to install digital control solution designed to provide maximum energy savings. It uses a two wire data line and Bluetooth Mesh to create a local network and the make the system expandable. 

The Digital Control Solution (DCS) group of sensors are available in multiple technologies for the control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning as well as lighting. Time saving wireless commissioning is accomplished via Bluetooth connection form a Smart Phone or Tablet to a DCS Controller, which communicates to the sensory by the 2 wire bus. 
Key Features: 
• 3 x 20A Relays (expandable) 
The DCS comes with the ability to control 3 x Independent circuits (120 V or 277 V) that can be used for lighting or plug loads. 
• Current Monitoring Per Relay
Current monitoring is available on each relay in the DCS. 
• 3 x 0-10v Dimming Zones
The systems offers 3 x 0-10V dimming channels.
• Data Line
The data line is a two wire polarity insensitive bus that networks all sensors, switches, photocells, gateways and also has the capability to directly control DALI2 fixtures. A maximum number of 100 devices can be connected to the data line.
• Daylight Harvesting
The system is capable of open loop and closed loop multi zone control when used with Steinel photo sensors. 
• Partial On & Off
Both Partial ON and Partial OFF functions can be used in combination with the occupancy sensor and also with the time clock.
• Receptacle Control
All relays are capable of 20A receptacle control. It can either be occupancy or time based control.
• Use Cases
In order to make commissioning easier, different settings and parameters can be bundled and saved into use cases. This offers the possibility to commission rooms with the same requirements by simply selecting the desired use case. A stored use case can be emailed and shared with others.
• Demand Response Input
The DCS has an input terminal that receives a dry contact closure designed for demand response. When multiple room controllers are connected to each other over Bluetooth, the demand response signal can be forwarded through the mesh network.
• External Time Clock Input
For integration with an existing external time clock via a dry contact closure.
• Internal Time Clock
The internal time clock features, time of day, day of week, calendar settings, holiday scheduling and astronomic time functions (dusk & dawn) via GPS locator in the tablet or smart phone used during programming.
• Min. & Max. dimming levels
Minimum and maximum dimming levels can be assigned to each switching zone.
• Light Scenes
Different light scenes can be programmed and started by a manual switch, time clock (internal or external), demand response input or occupancy sensor.
• BLE 
The controllers are capable of the following BLE functions:
 – wireless programming via app on a tablet or smart phone
 – interconnectivity over Bluetooth Mesh between devices allowing for wireless system expansion of controllers, sensors, switches and photo sensors
 – current monitoring per relay on a tablet or smart phone
• BACnet 
Every device comes standard with a RJ45 BACnet TCP/IP port for integration into the Building Management Systems.
The typical application is for offices, conference rooms, classrooms and other indoor public building spaces. 

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