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HS 150, HS 300    
Halogen Outdoor Sensor Light
The STEINEL HS 150 and HS 300 occupancy sensors mount on a wall and are raintight for safe reliable operation indoors and out.

The sensors are passive infrared and respond to heat radiated from moving persons or other heat-emitting objects (such as vehicles). They automatically turn lights on when presence is detected and off when a space is left vacant.

  • 240° coverage with up to 60 foot reach
  • Lens provides 304 switching zones for highly accurate small motion detection
  • The floodlight tilts and swivels within a range of 150° vertically and 80° horizontally to achieve desired illumination
  • Coverage area may be customized with supplied snap-on shrouds and through fine-tune rotation adjustment
  • Precision molded lens is distortion free and watertight
  • Light level feature allows lighting to remain off during daylight regardless of occupancy 
  • Built in surge protection with auto-reset
  • Override feature keeps lighting on for 4 hours regardless of occupancy, then resets to sensor mode

Owner’s Manual
Data Sheet
Outdoor Brochure
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