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HBS 300    
360° High Bay Occupancy Sensor
The HBS 300 High Bay Occupancy Sensor provides 360 degrees of occupancy based lighting control in high bay open area applications.

The sensor performs at a wide range of mounting heights, up to 45 feet. It mounts directly to a high bay lighting fixture or junction box. With three highly sensitive pyroelectric detectors and a multi-segmented lens, the HBS 300 is able to achieve 1416 switching zones.

  • 360° coverage with up to 60 foot reach 
  • Coverage area may be adjusted with plastic lens covers that snap to the front of the sensor
  • 3 pyroelectric detectors with 1416 switching zones provides better detection for high bay applications
  • Precision molded lens
  • Automatically adjusts to temperature changes keeping sensitivity and coverage consistent
  • Light level feature allows lighting to remain off during daylight regardless of occupancy
  • Built-in surge protection with auto-reset

Owner’s Manual
Data Sheet
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