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Outdoor Motion Sensors    
Outdoor sensors for residential
STEINEL’s wide range of outdoor sensors offer the highest level of reliability and durability in harsh outdoor environments with a proven track record here in the USA. For over 15 years we have been the choice of contractors, specifiers and facility managers who demand the best in outdoor lighting controls. Models are available with and without lampholders and in configurations for either ceiling or wall mount.
FL 300    Read More
The STEINEL FL 300 combines an outdoor occupancy sensor with dual lampholders and enhances security, convenience and energy savings.
HS 150 & HS 300    Read More

The STEINEL HS 150 and HS 300 Halogen Sensor Lights mount on a wall and are raintight for safe reliable operation outdoors.

IS 240-120    Read More
The STEINEL IS 240-120 occupancy sensor is intended for vertical mounting to any 1/2” threaded cover plate or knockout and is raintight for safe reliable operation indoors and out.
IS 360    Read More
The STEINEL IS 360 occupancy sensor is raintight for safe reliable operation indoors and out.

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