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FL 300    
Outdoor Sensor with Dual Lampholders
The STEINEL FL 300 combines an outdoor occupancy sensor with dual lampholders and enhances security, convenience and energy savings.

The FL 300 is passive infrared and responds to moving persons or other heat-emitting objects (such as vehicles). Using a multi-segmented lens to view the controlled area, the sensors switch lighting ON upon occupancy and OFF after a period of time where no motion has been detected.

  • Fully adjustable 140° coverage with up to 40 foot reach
  • Sensor head tilts and swivels within a range of 65° vertically and 130° horizontally
  • Aim n’ Lock lampholders require no screws or tools to move and set lamp positions; the lamps are directed at areas of desired illumination and lock in place, avoiding post-installation problems
  • Unique dual mounting system enables the FL 300 to mount either to a wall or ceiling under a building soffit
  • Snap-on shrouds allow users to easily customize the coverage area
  • Light level feature allows lighting to remain off during daylight regardless of occupancy 
  • Override feature keeps lighting on for 4 hours regardless of occupancy, then resets to sensor mode
  • Raintight IP54 rated; suitable for interior or exterior use

Owner’s Manual
Data Sheet
Outdoor Brochure
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