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Complete Control with STEINEL's HG 2320 ESD    

STEINEL's HG 2320 ESD heat gun is safe, so it won't damage circuits and other ESD sensitive devices. Our two-prong ESD heat tool is the first and only heat gun in the world to receive an independent third-party certification, the ESD-Akademie. This heat tool come with precision temperature control, customizable programs and a conductive housing that will not build up or hold a static charged when used in electrostatic protected areas.

Revolutionary 31-Pound Portable Automatic Welder    
  The revolutionary HG ROOF, previously only sold in Europe, is now available in America. The roofing industry has a product gap: a lightweight, cost-effective, portable welder for use on fast jobs and repairs. The HG ROOF answers that need for the roofing industry and beyond. Powered by the flagship HG 2520 E heat gun, this tool boasts a 10,000-hour motor life and field changeable parts, keeping crew working efficiently. 

HG Roof: Innovation on Flat Roofs    
  The STEINEL HG ROOF Automatic Welding Machine brings industry-leading innovation to flat roofs. The compact welding machine is must-have for roofing contractors of any size. No longer do you need a generator to power your welder and with the HG ROOF, you can complete the smallest jobs with the greatest efficiency.   
Silver Anniversary Kit is Back    
STEINEL products were introduced to North America in 1983 by STEINEL America, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary whose mission is to provide the same high quality service STEINEL guarantees worldwide. Five years ago STEINEL celebrated 25 successful years in North America by offering spectacular year long promotions.   
The STEINEL Heat Blower Series    
STEINEL announces the launch of its Professional Heat Blower Series. These tools feature a powerful air delivery rate up to 23 CFM. Applications like window tinting, packaging, shrink wrapping, thawing pipes, working with plastics are completed much more effectively with the STEINEL blower.   
STEINEL’s new HG350 Heat Gun offers a new level of safety    
STEINEL announces the launch of its STEINEL Lite™ HG 350 ESD. This sleek, ergonomically optimized tool incorporates cutting edge STEINEL technology to meet the exacting needs of even the most sensitive applications. Innovative features include a bright LED light to illuminate the work area while highly focused hot air ensures an accurate result. 

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