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TR 100-M    
Power Pack

The TR 100-M is a full featured power pack that provides power to STEINEL low voltage occupancy sensors and other control devices. They are Class 2 output power supplies, suitable for parallel interconnection.

The power packs switch the load ON only when an occupant operates a low voltage momentary switch. The load can be turned OFF either by pressing the momentary switch or in response to signals from the control devices.

All wires have UL Style 1659, 250°C, 600V insulation:

  • 18 AWG: Black for Line and White for Neutral
  • 12 AWG: two Red wires for normally open dry contact from the 20A relay
  • 22 AWG: 4 low voltage conductors: Red (+24VDC), Black (-24VDC), Blue (Control Input), Gray (Momentary Switch Input)
Key Features:
  • Manual ON automatic OFF operation
  • LED status indicator
  • Switching is performed at, or close to, the zero-cross of the AC waveform in order to improve relay performance
  • 1/2 inch threaded nipple and two lock nuts are used to secure to a standard 1/2" knockout
  • Low voltage momentary switch input allows for manual control
  • Power supply provides up to 250mA of 24VDC to low voltage controls
  • 15 A receptacle load control rated


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