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Setting the global benchmark for quality and technology    
It was back in 1959 that Heinrich Wolfgang Steinel founded the STEINEL company in Herzebrock-Clarholz. Since then, STEINEL has consistently evolved from pioneer to technology and innovation leader in the sensor-controlled lighting.

Innovative and intelligent products of world renown are created at the company's own development centers in Germany, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. All products are manufactured by company-owned factories in Germany, Switzerland, Romania and Moldova. Made in Europe is STEINEL's formula for success.

Today, products and solutions are available under the STEINEL PROFESSIONAL brand for lighting professional around the world.

The STEINEL PROFESSIONAL brand covers intelligent products and cleverly engineered solutions for the professional user. This is where the focus is on energy efficiency and the use of cutting-edge LED and sensor technology. STEINEL PROFESSIONAL is the world's No. 1 choice as a full-line supplier of automated, efficient lighting control systems.

Products "made by STEINEL" are appreciated across the globe because of their superb functionality, user-friendliness, excellent value for money and long life expectancy.

With an emphasis on Europe production, products from STEINEL are sold world-wide. Providing the power to innovate and placing high demands on quality, no fewer than 1300 members of staff at STEINEL successfully meet the specific requirements of a growing international market.

STEINEL custom solutions in Einsiedeln/Switzerland takes care of individually tailored projects from development and production to every aspect of logistics. If necessary, these projects can also use the cost-effective production capacities at STEINEL's own factories in Romania and Moldova. As STEINEL solution customers, familiar company names, such as Nespresso, BOSCH, Miele or Kärcher, take advantage of STEINEL's many years of expertise.
The STEINEL Group also attaches huge importance to the eco-friendliness and sustainability of packaging. We save large quantities of CO2 every year and ease strain on the environment with lasting effect. Take a look at our certificates and find out how much CO2 we were able to save last year on the basis of our recycling system.
Presence Detectors    
The Presence Control Pro IR Quattro HD provides a unique square detection footprint with 4,800 switching zones and detects the presence of persons over a full 64 m2. And is also mechanically adjustable without any loss in quality. The best presence detector in its class!

Who says a ceiling-mounted presence detector always needs to have a round detection zone? After all, most rooms are square or rectangular in shape. The answer to this question comes from STEINEL. In the form of what's probably the best infrared presence detector there is on the market – the STEINEL Presence Control PRO IR Quattro HD. In a class of its own. Because – as the professional will instantly notice – the "IR Quattro HD" has a square detection zone, in other words it also covers peripheral areas, such as walls and corners. In short: there are no blind spots. The Presence Control PRO IR Quattro HD has an incredible 4,800 switching zones, giving it an extremely fine resolution that also detects extremely small movements, such as movements by people sitting. When persons are present in the room, the light stays 'ON' all the time if it's needed. Detecting presence on a maximum area of 8 x 8 metres, the IR Quattro HD provides uninterrupted coverage over 64 m2. Unique: for the first time, the detection zone is scalable on the basis of a square without any loss of quality – it is easy to adjust by means of a setscrew on the back of the unit. Benefit: absolute precision in planning usage of the presence detector in medium to large-size offices, conference and meeting rooms, classrooms and lecture theatres as well as sports halls and warehouses with a mounting height of up to 10 metres.

The high-definition presence detector is based on 20 years of expertise from the pioneer of sensor technology. At the heart of the Presence Control PRO IR Quattro HD is an ingenious combination of the precisely balanced optical system, STEINEL's own software and four pyro sensors. Ambient light level is measured by an integrated photodiode so that light is only switched 'ON' when it's actually needed. The Presence Control PRO IR Quattro HD is available in a COM1-WR, COM1-24, COM2-24, DIM-24 and KNX versions.

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