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HG 350 ESD    
Data Sheet
The HG 350 ESD brings hot air to where it’s needed at any work place.  The hot air tool is easy to use, lightweight and extremely comfortable to hold thanks to its ergonomically shaped soft grip.
HB 1750    
Data Sheet
The HB 1750 has been specifically optimized for drying
efficiency and for heat-shrinking tubes and sleeves on thick cables.
HG 5000 E    
Data Sheet
STEINEL HG 5000 E provides the ultimate in precision technology. Exclusive IntelliTemp™ control enables the user to select a target temperature in 10°F increments and to view actual output on the LED display. Heating elements are easily changeable in the field and integrate SmartChip™ technology allowing the heat gun to automatically recalibrate to the new element.
HG 4000 E    
Data Sheet
STEINEL HG 4000 E features a continuously variable temperature and airflow regulator, a digital display of actual and selected temperature, an intelligent motor control system, a brushless motor and a plug-in easy to change element.  With pinpoint accuracy the HG 4000 E in conjunction with the appropriate nozzle is ideal for welding copper and plastics.
HG 2300 EM    
Data Sheet
STEINEL HG 2300 EM combines powerful output with an ergonomic, easy to use design. Variable temperature and airflow control ensure a perfect job every time. The HG 2300 EM features ultra quiet operation, fast heat-up, and thermocouple control enabling you to reduce air to a pinpoint. Its modular construction is easy to repair, with heating element and power cord both conveniently field-changeable.
HG 2510 ESD    
Data Sheet
HG 2510 ESD Programmable Heat Gun is designed for use on electronic components to prevent potential damage from electrostatic discharge.
HG 2310 BB    
Data Sheet
HG 2310 BB Programmable IntelliTemp™ Heat Gun features exclusive Black Box Technology to ensure safe, reliable operation. An interlock safety switch is incorporated to prevent accidental powering of the tool when used with an extension cord. The heat gun will turn on only when deliberately cycled "on" position, even if power is provided while the tool is left in the "on" position.
HG 2310 LCD    
Data Sheet
HG 2310 LCD Programmable IntelliTemp™ Heat Gun features LOC Locable Override Control™ of temperature and airflow output settings. LCD display enables temperature selection in 10°F increments. The HG 2310 LCD is ideal for use on electronics, aerospace, medical manufacturing and other applications requiring precision control.
HL 1810 S    
Data Sheet
Multi-purpose heat gun with cool air stage and choice of 2 temperature settings for convenient hand-held or bench work. STEINEL’s exclusive DuraTherm™ heating element ensures long life and even heat.
HL 1610 S    
Data Sheet
General purpose heat gun with two temperature settings is designed for safe, convenient professional and industrial use. Lightweight, ergonomic design ensures comfortable long term operation.
Data Sheet
The Ultimate Butane Kit includes tools and accessories needed for a variety of applications. ThermaSolder™ butane powered soldering irons are cordless. Multi-functional tools may be used as soldering irons, convenient portable torches and flameless heat blowers. The tools heat up in 20 seconds or less and are safe and simple to use under most any condition.

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